• The Icy Troops

    Welcome to the Icy Troops of Club Penguin's site. We are an army that has been re-made by myself, Daleboxtel, and Rjse1. Our current goal is to maintain a constant spot in the top 5 in the Medium Top Ten. But our master goal is Number 3 in the Large Top Ten, and to be a world power army.

    Please comment on the join page, and you will be given a rank within 48 hours. Thank you for reading, and please visit our chat.


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Training Session – First Event!

Hey There Icy Troops, although It’s a bit soon and we’ve barely even started recruiting yet. I’m going to do my BEST to get over 5+ in this event. Here are the times:

3:30 EST

2:30 CST

1:30 MST

12:30 PST

8:30 UK

8:00 DST (Dalex Standard Time)

Let’s do it, Icy Troops! Comment if you can/can’t come.



Icy Troops – Officially Open

The Icy Troops

Officially Open

Dearest Icy Troops,

We are now Officially Open! I have 100% finished the site, and I am ready to begin the fun. I’m looking for a 2nd leader, and all the Owner/Mod spots. I have purchased a 2 month SMAC Adspace and paid extra to be permanently on top of the others. I have also brought Graphics, and may be buying a CPAC Adspace. I don’t have much to make a long post for, so I’ll just end here.


Under Construction – Soon To Be Done

Under Construction

Soon To Be Finished


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The Icy Troops – The Legend Flares On

Icy Troops

The Legend Flares On


Hey there Icy Troops, today I decided I would re-make this legendary army. I will be working on the site, and possibly purchasing a CSS. I want to bring this army far. Over the next 2-4 days I will be working on the site, I except it to be fully finished then. I will be buying graphics off Pochoma123 or Wwebestfan.

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